Samsung has created an SSD with a new generation of high speed

South Korean solid state drive might “hurt” to hit Chinese competitors

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Samsung создала SSD нового поколения с высокой скоростью

Samsung has achieved a 20 percent productivity

Samsung has started mass production of SSD SATA 250 GB based on 256-Gigabit V-NAND flash modules of the sixth generation from more than 100 layers trenutnih cells. Samsung says that they managed to achieve a 20 per cent improvement in performance.

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In SSD new generation of South Korean tech giant uses a unique technology called “through-etching of crystals”, which adds 40% more cells to the previous single-layer structure. This is achieved by creating a conductive mold, consisting of 136 layers.

Samsung создала SSD нового поколения с высокой скоростью

The principle of operation 136-layer 3D V-NAND memory Samsung

High stacks of molds usually do NAND chips are more vulnerable to errors and delays in reading, but Samsung has developed a scheme for optimising the speed to around this limitation. The data transfer speed is now “below 450 microseconds (µs) for write operations and less than 45 µs for read operations”, compared to the previous generation, more than 10% faster, while consuming 15% less energy.

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If Samsung can begin mass production of 300-layer 3D NAND next year, it will be a serious blow to competitors, and emerging in China industry for the production of flash memory, which has fallen so much in price over the past six months.

Recall that at the beginning of 2019, experts predicted the drop in prices of computer components that in the end turned out to be true. And recently, ADATA released high-performance data devices with 3D memory.

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