Samsung has fixed the problem Galaxy Fold: announced release date

Fixed Samsung Galaxy Fold will go on sale in late September

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Samsung исправил проблемы Galaxy Fold: озвучена дата выхода

Samsung Galaxy Fold got rid of their “childhood diseases”

The era of flexible smartphones was supposed to start earlier this year with the start of sales of the ambitious Samsung Galaxy Fold, but technical problems pushed back the introduction of future technologies not indefinitely. After the abolition of the sales and pre-orders seemed to slideway smartphone will not see. Suddenly, however, at the international exhibition of consumer electronics IFA 2019 in Berlin, Samsung brought Galaxy fixed Fold – in a new guise, the novelty looks quite healthy and get rid of major flaws.

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Recall that the start of sales of Galaxy Fold in price in 1980 dollars was cancelled after the foreign journalists of specialized publications found in the provided samples in the review problems with the display, which was damaged after several twists, unreliable film on the screen which was off, and there was also seen a marriage in figs.

Samsung исправил проблемы Galaxy Fold: озвучена дата выхода

Protective film Samsung is now under the framework of the Galaxy Fold

The journalists of The Verge noted that Samsung Galaxy improved Fold got rid of their “children’s diseases”: the screen became stronger and was modified hinge mechanism. The improvement concerned the protective film that the manufacturer has hidden under the screen so that it cannot be accidentally removed.

Samsung исправил проблемы Galaxy Fold: озвучена дата выхода

Improved hinge mechanism Fold Galaxy

Most of the changes associated with the hinge. It was a bit harder than before, and the gaps where the hinge meets the display was reduced. Even the gap when the device is closed, slightly reduced, which prevents clogging of debris in the hinge or display. Also, there are design changes. The display now got the plastic protective caps top and bottom, which further block the ingress of dust.

Samsung исправил проблемы Galaxy Fold: озвучена дата выхода

Folded smartphone securely cover caps – dust gets under screen

In addition to structural changes inside the smartphone remains the same as was announced in April: 855 Snapdragon processor, 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB flash drive. The displays will remain the same: external 4.6-inch, and the inner – 7.3 inch, both with OLED marziani.

Samsung исправил проблемы Galaxy Fold: озвучена дата выхода

Note the protective plastic frame on the perimeter of the Galaxy Fold

Of course, you can criticize and ridicule fail with the Samsung foldable smartphone, but it is necessary to accept that the experience with the Galaxy Fold reflects the progress in mobile technology. Apple has for many years treading water, not treating the public with innovation, but simply takes the best that the competition has. Samsung is trying to introduce revolutionary ideas. In the case of the foldable smartphone has been a false start, but the smartphone in a fixed form is a fully working smartphone, ready to go on sale later this month – it confirms the edition CNET.

Of course, the price tag of $ 2000 is now space for a smartphone, but if Samsung and other manufacturers will continue in the same spirit, perhaps in a few years we will all own a foldable smartphone and look at the modern monoblock mobile device as an archaism.

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