Samsung has introduced unimaginable giant 8K TV: photos

The TV on The Wall Luxury has a 120 Hz refresh rate and a diagonal of 292 inches

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Today, 19:02

Samsung представила невообразимо гигантский 8K телевизор: фото

The Wall Luxury going from small panels in a huge screen

Samsung has officially unveiled The Wall of the Luxury – the newest version of its modular MicroLED screen. The TV has a maximum resolution of 8K and a diagonal of 292 inches. Together with the TV giant on the market will be supplied with screens of more modest dimensions – 73 inches with a resolution of 2K.

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The bar has not only great size but also impressive features. Wall Luxury comes with built-in artificial intelligence to improve image, a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a Quantum HDR technology for maximum brightness of 2000 nits, making it an appetizing product for watching movies, sporting events and video games.

Samsung представила невообразимо гигантский 8K телевизор: фото

Samsung The Wall Luxury

Other enticing features include a thickness of less than 30 mm, the frameless design and custom frames decor that allow him to blend in with the environment. It also comes with a special mode from Samsung, which allows the TV to display works of art, photographs and paintings, while not in use (screen saver).

It is worth noting that the Samsung MicroLED technology is modular – it allows you to flexibly configure them and connect with each other to produce giant screens. But the resolution of these panels separately can not be changed – you can increase the resolution only by adding new panels in the General design.

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MicroLED is an impressive new display technology that uses individual LEDs to create the image. Due to this, the dark areas of the image completely black because the pixels do not emit light. This technology zamisljeni similar to OLED, but it should not suffer from such disadvantages as lower peak brightness and fading.

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