Samsung will destroy the “bangs” unique selfie-smartphone

Screen Samsung the new prototype will cover the front panel of the smartphone to 100%

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Today, 10:30

Samsung уничтожит "челки" уникальным селфи-смартфоном

Selfie camera below the screen will appear in 2021 with a smartphone Samsung Galaxy S12

Smartphone manufacturers are trying to find a solution to implement full-screen smartphones to find a place for selfie cameras. For this was invented the “Bang”, the holes in the display and even periscopes. Samsung has announced that found a way to cover the front panel of the smartphone display to 100% to place the front camera, according to TechSpot.

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According to South Korean media, Samsung has already created a prototype of a new smartphone with a similar screen. This is achieved by embedding a self-camera under the display, as the fingerprint scanner on the screen.

Samsung already have a device, which offers full-screen mode – Galaxy A80 mainstream class that uses pull-out, vertical slider with rotating 180 degree camera. However, placing the camera under the screen, users do not have to worry about damaging any of the pop-up mechanism that sin similar form factors.

In the past Samsung has long been stated about the integration of selfie-cameras under the display. Initially it was planned to equip such podarennoe camera in Galaxy Note 8, but for various technical reasons, are unable to fully implement this technology even Galaxy S10 where I had to punch the eyepiece front facing camera in the screen itself.

By far it is unknown when there will be a smartphone with a similar camera. Experts suggest that Galaxy Note 10 hardly get it, and predict the emergence of self-camera under the screen of Galaxy S12 in 2021.

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We will remind that earlier it was reported that the smartphone Samsung dreams will receive an incredible feature. There is also information that Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will remove all button.

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