Samuel Montembeault received a visit from his boarding family with the Armada at the World Championship

Samuel Montembeault received a visit from his boarding family with the Armada at the Championship of the world


There was at least one fan with a Samuel Montembeault jersey in the stands of the Riga Arena at the World Championship. 

Marc Bergeron wore Montembeault's jersey from his time with the Canadian team at the 2016 World Junior Championships. He had not bought it at an obscure auction. 

Bergeron is like a member of the family for the goalkeeper from Bécancour. In his days with the Blainville-Boisbriand Armada, Montembeault lived for three years with the family of Marc Bergeron and Manon Doucet in Mirabel. 

Since leaving the Armada after the 2016 season- 2017, Montembeault has never cut ties with his pension family. 

“They traveled from Mirabel to see Canada's first three games at the World Cup,” said Montembeault with a smile in his voice. They are two amazing people. I was really happy to see them in Riga. When I didn't have a match, I could spend the day with them.”

Five days in Latvia

For the Mirabel couple, this quick trip was a simple logical continuation of their beautiful relationship. 

“We were also there for his draft by the Panthers in Florida in 2015, recalled Manon Doucet. We stayed close to Samuel. It was Marc who came up with the idea. He quickly convinced me that it was a unique experience. And since I have a travel agency, I have an easy way to find plane tickets and organize travel.”

“I had already visited Riga a few years ago,” she continued. It is a very pretty European city. We spent a day discovering the old town of Riga with Sam. We ate together. We also rented a car and for the other day when he was off we went to the Baltic Sea. It was 30 minutes from Riga. Sam is so generous. We loved our trip. In five days, we have experienced a lot!”

The presence of this generous boarding family did not go unnoticed. 

“For the game against Slovakia, there were a few fewer supporters in the stands in Riga, explained Marc Bergeron. We found ourselves next to Doug Armstrong and Shane Doan, two leaders of the Canadian team. They came to greet us and thanked us for making the trip. Doug told Sam that his boarding family was nervous during the shootout.”

On the way out, Marc and Manon traveled from Montreal to Paris to Riga. For the return, they did Riga to Frankfurt and then Montreal. But above all, they will keep other beautiful memories with the goalkeeper whom they consider a member of their family.