Sarah Fraisou : “I grew up with the Artist, we would at the same recording studio (Interview)

Sarah Fraisou : "J'ai grandi avec Lartiste, on allait au même studio d'enregistrement" (Interview)

Sarah Fraisou does it his first album ? It responds to PRBK (Interview)

In parallel of the reality show, Sarah Fraisou started in the music with two singles titled Mater and We saw you. A third piece will he get out ? The candidate of The Villa of Broken Hearts 5 prepares for its first album ? How began his passion for music ? She confides in an interview with PRBK.

Purebreak : music is your passion since a long time ?

Sarah Fraisou : I’ve been doing it for any small. I grew up with the Artist, we would at the same recording studio. I’ve always hung out with people who are working in music. There, I was a little stumbled on them by chance. During an evening with the Artist, I was asked to sing. At the beginning, I didn’t want to because I’m very shy and then I started. It has given something, but everything is part of a delirium. I really hope to establish myself in this field.

Thou hast unveiled two sounds “We saw you” and “Mater”. You’re going to get out of others ?

A third sound will come out very soon. It is quite personal, the whole world can recognize themselves in the lyrics. At the base, I wrote it for my family, especially to my brother, but it is directed at those who we keep. With this song, I do spend a pretty good message.

You prepare an album ?

Yes, there are already a few songs recorded.

You’d be ready to quit reality tv for music ?

If my music career is exploding, why not, and again not because tv is a part of me. I don’t know why people are reluctant when the candidates of reality tv make music. They do not have a talent for them then that is wrong. Me, I do what I want to do, I do not want to regret things.

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