Sarah Jessica Parker is accused of stealing

Сару Джессику Паркер обвиняют в краже

Sarah did not return the ornaments with a total value of 150 thousand dollars.

Hollywood actress and star of TV series “Sex and the city” Sarah Jessica Parker recently got in trouble when luxury jewellery brand Kat Florence accused her of stealing jewelry. A representative for the star has denied all allegations, but the company once again blamed the actress.

In April 2018 British jeweler kat Florence has accused Sarah Jessica Parker of a lack of support joint line of jewelry, “Sarah Jessica Parker D-Flawless Diamond”, released in 2016. Then the actress earned $ 7.5 million, but fell short on profit collaboration. Under the terms of the contract, Parker had to wear jewelry from the collection on the set, during interviews and other public events, but due to busy schedule, the actress was not active.

Also in the company of the brand said that Sarah still has not returned them jewelry with a total value of 150 thousand dollars, provided for the shooting of the advertising campaign, although two years have passed. Attorney Parker, Ira Schreck, and just now said that all the charges jewelry brand – “an absolute lie”.

This is an absolute lie. Sarah Jessica Parker has signed a contract with Kat Florence, according to which all the decorations could remain in her possession so she went with them into the light. Sarah Jessica Parker is an honest man, incapable of such actions. She never took other people’s things,– is spoken in the comment of the lawyer.

In turn, the brand Kat Florence has responded to the statement made by the representative Parker commented that earrings worth 40 thousand dollars and the ring for 27 thousand was given to the actress just two months but not two years, as the lawyer says.

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