Satisfied and vigilant unions after their meeting with representatives of Keolis, new transport delegate in Nîmes

Satisfied and vigilant unions after their meeting with representatives of Keolis, new transport delegate in Nîmes

Le réseau de transports Tango est géré depuis le 1er juillet par Keolis. Midi Libre – MiKAEL ANISSET

Keolis est le nouveau délégataire de service public pour les transports depuis le 1er juillet. Un CSE a permis à la direction de rencontrer les représentants du personnel mardi 9 juillet.

Since July 1, Keolis has taken over from Transdev for the management of the Tango public transport network. The public service delegation contract, worth 314 million euros, lasting six and a half years, approved during a community council of Nîmes Métropole in the spring, includes several ambitious points including the main thing is to attract more and more travelers and retain their loyalty. Indeed, increasing attendance by more than 21% is one of the objectives by the end of the contract.

This involves increasing commercial speed, setting up on-demand services (a reservation up to 1 hour before the service from January & nbsp;2025).

Free for certain travelers

If Keolis only arrived a little over a week ago, its representatives have already met employee representatives this Tuesday, July 9 as part of a CSE (Social Economic Committee).< em> "The intentions of the new delegate are rather well received but we remain vigilant on future savings items to be made. We clearly feel that there is a before municipal elections and an after when there could be more savings", indicates one of the staff representatives present at this CSE.

He is obviously thinking of the municipal ambitions of Franck Proust, president of Nîmes Métropole. For this September return to school, there will be no major new features to expect on the network other than free access for those over 70 and for people with disabilities, without forgetting developments on the rise for certain subscriptions. Keolis representatives should speak at the start of the school year on their various projects which will arrive gradually.

NAO this summer

Among these, you should know that the T5 project which will serve Vaunage is finally postponed to 2025, as is the extension of the T4 until the Caissargues exit planned for 2027.

The unions hope that there will be a quality service offering with a T2 trambus line which runs faster, less hampered by priority at traffic lights managed by the City. "We would save time, which would promote savings", indicates a staff representative who also announces the opening of the second phase NAO (compulsory negotiations in the company) this month of July.

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