Saucy Glory Kaminska stunned fans with a photo from vacation: “Mom, do exercises”

Дерзкая Слава Каминская ошеломила фанатов фото с отдыха: "Мама, делай зарядку"

Thank Kaminska, Cosmopolitan

today, 05:55

Popular Ukrainian singer Fame Kaminska, who performs in the group “Neangely” often pleases the audience with bright posts in his Instagram. Recently, the beauty went on holiday to Bali, and the kids with me captured, and now the sun publishes pictures with fabulous Islands.

So, this time Glory has posted a photo, which appeared in an interesting way. The fact that the picture shows the singer posing standing on her head, with her seductive black-and-white swimsuit and Cape slid down and covered his head. In the caption to the photo Kaminska wrote a “compliment” I received from my son: “Mom, do exercises, your butt’s big.” Fans of Fame, of course rushed to discuss the photo and make sure that she has a great ass. Also some ask the singer what her priest thinks about Pasha. We are talking about Pavel Vishnyakov, who is now resting in Glory on Bali, and which publishes shared with her photo.

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Дерзкая Слава Каминская ошеломила фанатов фото с отдыха: "Мама, делай зарядку"

We will remind, Kaminska congratulated happy birthday to the most important girl.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that the Glory Kaminska gave the secret to a perfect relationship.

Also, the portal “Znayu” he wrote that the Glory Kaminska showed who cares about its forms.

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