Saved in extremis from drowning thanks to Siri

Sauvé in extremis de la noyade grâce à Siri

A man has been rescued from correctness after having been swept away by the current in a led drain under a road in Connecticut. Technology has played a big role in its rescue.

The man was in the process of fishing for crab when he lost his footing. His wife, who was nearby, was contacted by the authorities.

However, his cell phone was approximately 6 m from it. She then asked Siri, the intelligent assistant of his phone, dialing 911.

“Please, my husband falls into a pit. I’m going to lose it,” she said.

The police arrived a few minutes later with a rope to pull the man out of his unfortunate position.

A poster indicates, however, that the place is not accessible, but many people choose them in spite of everything.

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