Saved just by the coolness of the manager

Last Wednesday’s day came close to drama at Tim Hortons on Belvédère Street in Sherbrooke. A client choked on eating and could not breathe. It is the coolness of the manager Nathalie Levasseur that helped avoid the worst.
“The girls shouted that someone was choking,” says the one who has been a manager for a year and a half at the restaurant on Belvedere Street. I arrived and did what I had to do. Fortunately, it worked. ”

The lady was then taken over by the paramedics. She was discharged from hospital and is well. One of the paramedics told Ms. Levasseur that the lady would probably have died if she had not intervened.

Mrs Levasseur, however, refuses to see herself as a heroine in this story.

“I’ve been talking a lot about it for a week now, but I’m a little tanned to be honest,” said Levasseur, who also saved the life of a colleague who choked two years ago. I did not do that for recognition, I helped the lady when it was time and that’s all. ”

It was no fluke that someone who followed his aid course be present at the restaurant that day. At Tim Hortons, each shift must have at least one trained employee, according to Ms. Levasseur, who has 15 years of experience as a manager.

“It’s a Tim Hortons standard,” she says. When we have a lot of new employees, we give training to always have someone. Owner Denis Bourque offers us the opportunity to take first aid courses. It’s super useful. It can happen anywhere and it can be useful in your personal life too. ”

The exploit Ms. Levasseur also had an impact on his colleagues.

“It makes those who have not taken the courses aware that it is important to do so,” she says. They all want to follow them now. We even gave a quick short class at the end of the day. ”

The family of the lady thanked Ms. Levasseur on numerous occasions and even handed him a bottle of wine to thank her for her gesture.

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