Savior of the nut feast 2019: signs of celebration, tradition, and divination

Traditionally, the Third Saved girl he likes nuts

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Ореховый Спас 2019: приметы праздника, традиции и гадания

Savior Of The Nut Feast 2019

The third Saviour Saviour or Nut is called the transfer from Edessa to Constantinople one of the greatest shrines of Christianity – the miraculous image of Jesus Christ. The Orthodox Church celebrates every year on August 29.

About the history, customs and traditions of the holiday August 29 – Nut spas 2019, and about the main signs and fortune-telling in this day writes Today.Lifestyle.

Find out in the video, as the Ukrainian star was celebrated Honey spas:

The significance of the feast of the Saviour Nutty 2019

According to legend, sick with leprosy, the Syrian king Avgar of Whamo asked Jesus to pose the court artist Ananias. But to make a portrait failed, because the face shone with an unearthly light. Then Christ brought to face a linen cloth towel, and it imprinted his image. Miraculous Shrine helped the king to recover. It was installed on the city gates of Edessa.

This holiday is also called the Savior on the canvas or Nut Spas — ripe nuts, they were carried in to sanctify the Church. A good crop of nuts on a snowy, cold winter. The Church was consecrated linen, pradio and canvas that are used in the treatment of diseases and divination.

Divination Savior of the Nut feast 29 Aug

Traditionally on the Third Rescued girls were wondering on nuts – tore them from the tree. If the fruit is ripe for love. Immature – expect big news. Rotten – to trouble. Bitter walnut – to relationship problems. If you were able to find two interlocking nuts – that’s good luck. They need to disrupt with your left hand and put in wallet. Then they will voditsya money.

Signs on Walnut Saved 2019

To some signs judged about what will be winter. If the cranes flocked to the South, then winter will be early. And the heat, which began the day, suggests that in the second half of September will be cold and rainy. Good weather, August 29 – reserves will last for the whole winter, as it is, the signs will be brief.

Recall that the Savior of Apple we noted on August 19 and the third Saved – nut and bread – will be celebrating on August 29. In addition, on August 24, Ukrainians celebrated the independence Day of Ukraine.

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