Savior of the nut feast 2019: what not to do in this day

Find out the main prohibitions and traditions in 2019 Walnut Saved

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Ореховый Спас 2019: что нельзя делать в этот день

What should not be done at 2019 Walnut Saved

Today, August 29, came the Savior of the Nut feast. On this day the Orthodox Ukrainians celebrate a great holiday – Third Saved. We will tell you what and what not to do on the Savior of the Nut feast 2019, as well as about the important customs and traditions of the celebration.

Watch the video, as the Ukrainian star was celebrated Honey spas:

Savior of the nut feast completes the cycle of Christian holidays in August. This day in the people have several names – the Bread Saved, miraculously Saved, Saved on the canvas. The Ukrainians have long been revered its special traditions and customs.

The history of the holiday Savior of the Nut feast 2019

This holiday was established by the Orthodox Church in honor of the transfer from Edessa to Constantinople miraculous image of the Lord Jesus Christ in the tenth century. In the document, found in the fourth century by Eusebius of Caesarea in the archive of Edessa, it was said that the ruler of Edessa, Abgar was suffering from leprosy. Knowing about the miraculous abilities of Jesus Christ, he sent the Savior of the painter Ananias with a letter in which he asked the Lord to come and heal him. The Lord promised to send to the Prince one of his disciples, and all attempts to Hananiah, to render the image of Jesus Christ were unsuccessful. Then the Lord asked him to give him a towel and wiped His face to them. On a towel imprinted His face. After Christ’s Resurrection, the Apostle Thomas was sent to Edessa one of the 70 disciples of Jesus Christ Thaddeus, who with the help of the miraculous image of the Savior healed the king and spread Christianity there.

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What not to do for the Savior of the Nut feast August 29, 2019

  • Do not refuse the work, because the Savior of the Nut feast (Grain Saved) is a time of harvest and preparation for winter.
  • In a Nut Saved do not go into the woods without protection. Our ancestors believed that the way to meet the evil force.
  • Can’t deny the food to the needy and strangers.

Before Nutty Savior ends up strict two-week Dormition fast, and therefore removed the ban on eating fish and meat.

Earlier, we published a cake recipe with walnuts on the feast of the Savior of the Nut feast 2019.

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