Saw 18 million people calculated the most viewed episode in the history of the series

The previous record was set after the third episode of the final season of “Game of thrones”

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Увидели 18 млн человек: вычислен самый просматриваемый эпизод в истории сериалов

The frame is from the 5th series of the final season of “Game of thrones”

The fifth episode (“Bells”) the eighth season of the popular American series “Game of thrones”, the latest series which will be released on 19 may, was recognized the most popular among viewers. According to them, on different platforms HBO, it was viewed over 18 million people. This publication reports The Independent.

The previous record was set after the third series the final season of “Game of thrones”. She scored 17.8 million hits. By the way, the last episode of the series will be released may 19. His name has not been disclosed.

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Earlier “Today” wrote that the HBO after the finale of “Game of thrones” will show another film. The trailer for this documentary film called “game of thrones: the Last patrol” published on the YouTube channel Game of Thrones.

By the way, HBO explained why in the frame of the fourth episode of the final season of the Saga appeared with a coffee Cup from Starbucks.

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