“Say, stop!”: Paul Will burst into anger in the eyes of the public

"Киркоров, остановись!": Павел Воля разразился гневом на глазах у публики

today, 13:22

Russian artist and resident of Comedy Club Pavel Volya called in his new stand-up about the reasons for the rise in price of everything you can, for the New year.

The actor recalled that new year’s eve is near and unfair space prices will have to face everyone.

“The new year is a king of rise in prices,” he says.

Will gives examples of life, which is several times take off the price of a taxi in new year’s eve. Although the services remain at the same level.

in Particular comedian interested in why so much more expensive tickets and prices to rent a house on new year’s eve. As an example, he cites a renting house which is 130 thousand rubles for two days.

“I earn can not afford”, began Will.

During his speech, he found the culprit of this unjustified raising of prices. And it was Philip.

"Киркоров, остановись!": Павел Воля разразился гневом на глазах у публики

Paul Will

“I think I’ve solved the mystery. See how it works. Kirkorov in the new year’s eve raises the fee three times. The owner of the restaurant, which Kirkorov singing, thinking, “How am I gonna take out?”. And raises the price three times. The MP, who leads the Babeshko there, and stole three times as much. According to babahnulo communal. The taxi driver saw the price of a communal, raises the price of a taxi…” says Will.

"Киркоров, остановись!": Павел Воля разразился гневом на глазах у публики

Philip, Kvitki

And then there is a chain reaction. Ticket prices increases the Bolshoi theatre, where the book leads children to “the Nutcracker” and thinks he’s a few requests for corporate.

“A man with a***ka, stop! It’s you, Phil! All we’re asking the whole country. I never thought I’d say. Bulgarian, bring in the New year the Russians!” – called the Will of the artist.

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