Saying that a man can't be pregnant, is that transphobic?

Saying a man can't be pregnant, is that transphobic?


You often feel, I'm sure, that our world has fallen on its head. But you know that naming this discomfort has a cost, and it can be high. 

We have had further proof of this in the United States in recent days, in a bewildering exchange in the Senate on the following question: can a man be “pregnant” following the Supreme Court's judgment on abortion? This exchange features the senator and an “academic”. 

The senator is Josh Hawley, from Missouri. He is a conservative Trumpist, no one will dispute that. The “academic” is Khiara Bridges, a far-left activist and professor at UC Berkeley Law School.

The senator asks the activist why she keeps talking about “people with pregnancy capacity”. He asks, for the sake of precision: are they women? “cis” women (women born into a female body and who recognize themselves as women) can have children, many cis women cannot, and many trans men can. 

The senator insists a little: the activist is indignant and affirms that the senator's questions are transphobic and that they promote violence against trans people. The senator seems stunned and wants to be sure to understand: Does Khiara Bridges really consider it violent to assert that only women can give birth? 

And the exchange continues, ever more stratospheric. The activist asks the senator: do you believe that men can be “pregnant”? Boldly, he says no. She sees it as another proof of transphobic violence! Goodbye biology, science: contesting that a man can be pregnant today is hate speech. 

This is what the Washington suggested Post, the venerable American newspaper. And these ideological rantings are by no means exclusively American: they circulate everywhere in the West today. 

It is interesting to note that the far-left activist is a professor of law.  

This reminds us that the law, today, no longer has much to do with what has historically been called law. It is now a social engineering technique that uses language games to transform needs into desires, desires into rights, and rights into fundamental rights.

Fake news

A certain falsified conception of the law no longer only goes against democracy, but against reality. It is opposed to science, and in this case in particular, to biology. Anyone who recalls that the real exists here will pass for a phobe, a fascist, a type of extreme right. 

Paradox: we never stop denouncing fake news, we pleads for a better knowledge of sciences, but one lies in front of which affirms that a man can give birth. Part of the malaise of our time comes from this institutionalized lie.

 Saying a man can't be pregnant, is that transphobic?