Scandal c Robert de Niro: the former assistant has accused the actor of discrimination and harrasment

Robert de Niro is suing the former assistant

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Cкандал c Робертом де Ниро: экс-помощница обвинила актера в дискриминации и харрасменте

Actor Robert De Niro

The famous 76-year-old Hollywood actor Robert de Niro got involved in a scandal. His former assistant Graham chase Robinson accused ex boss of sexual discrimination and harrasment. Both participants of the conflict have filed lawsuits against each other, and Robinson even provided record a voice message with de Niro.

According to TMZ, the former assistant to the actor claims that de Niro turned to her “in a hostile, offensive and intimidating manner” and often were in a state of alcoholic intoxication. She stated that the actor often allow themselves to “sexist jokes” and took no action when his friend once slapped her on the cheek.

“He does not accept the idea that men should treat women as equal,” reads the lawsuit, which fell into the hands of journalists.

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Note that Robinson filed a counterclaim, after Robert de Niro accused her of embezzlement. In August, the actor filed against her petition. Approval of a Hollywood star, former assistant watched two seasons of “Friends” in four working days, and used his official credit card to order lunch to the office.

Thus, Robert De Niro tries to recover from the former assistant six-figure sum, including for embezzlement, and she seeks to return his salary and make the ex-boss to pay for harassment.

Earlier, two women accused the actor James Franco’s sexual harassment.

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