Scandal in the XV of France: what risk Hugo Auradou and Oscar Jegou, accused of sexual assault and incarcerated in Argentina ?

The two players of the French rugby team Hugo Auradou and Oscar Jegou are at great risk after their arrest following a complaint of sexual assault against them.

A tour which turns into a nightmare for the XV of France. Melvyn Jaminet dismissed after racist remarks, Hugo Auradou and Oscar Jegou arrested following a complaint for sexual assault& nbsp;: the summer tour of the XV of France turns into a nightmare before a special match against Uruguay, Wednesday June 10 in Montevideo.

"The two players confirmed having had a sexual relationship with the young woman during the night but firmly denied any form of violence", said the’ instance. Fabien Galthié wanted to remind us that "the first thing is to address the victim, we have a thought for the victim", before emphasizing: "the living environment, I repeat, it’is a work that must be consolidated on a daily basis, without released. Repeat and work without concession on respect for the rules, social etiquette and freedom".

"The testimony was quite complete and detailed"

The Attorney General of Mendoza (central west) had earlier indicated that "the statement (of the alleged victim) was quite long, complete, detailed and corresponded, for the moment, to the forensic conclusions".

"The lesions are compatible with the victim's account, but not necessarily exclusively the result of a sexual assault", added the magistrate who requested the placement in pre-trial detention of the two players.

Both players could face up to 20 years in prison

According to the spokesperson for the Mendoza public prosecutor's office, Martin Ahumada, Hugo Auradou and Oscar Jegou could face up to 20 years in prison.

The arrest in Argentina of the two young players of the XV of France, Oscar Jegou and Hugo Auradou, accused of sexual assault which they deny, "was experienced as a trauma", according to the Blues coach Fabien Galthié.

"For the group, for the delegation, it was experienced as a trauma, a form of astonishment when we heard the news and when the police arrived at the hotel in Buenos Aires. It was a very difficult day, very, very hard. A very difficult moment to live", said the coach during a press conference in Montevideo on the eve of a friendly match against Uruguay .

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