Scandal WE Charity: event reminders

Scandale WE Charity: rappel des événements

For more than a month, the scandal of WE Charity tears up the political scene in Canada. Some even go so far as to demand the resignation of prime minister Justin Trudeau and his minister of finance, Bill Morneau. Here is a feedback on the events.

Agreement of$900 Million

  • The government announced on 25 June that it had granted to WE Charity the administration of$ 900 Million in federal grants for the volunteer student, without any call for tenders. We Charity would reach 43.5 Million$ to ensure the distribution of grants.
  • The agreement is cancelled on 3 July after days of controversy.
  • The same day, the ethics commissioner announces that it will investigate the prime minister Justin Trudeau relating to the granting of the agreement, since the body is close to his family.

Investigations claimed

  • On 10 July, the conservative Party of Canada is calling for a criminal investigation of the RCMP against prime minister Justin Trudeau for fraud in the case of WE Charity.
  • On July 13, Trudeau and Morneau admit that they would have had to withdraw from any discussions leading to the award of an agreement with this organization, because of their family links with WE Charity.
  • On 16 July, the commissioner of ethics and conflict of interest announced that it would investigate also on Bill Morneau.
  • On 17 July, the conservatives are calling for an investigation of the commissioner of lobbying in the case of WE Charity.

Journey of a minister

  • One learns the 22 July that the minister of Finance Bill Morneau has been offered two family trips with a total value of $ 41,000 by WE Charity.

Resignations demanded

  • The leader of the conservatives Andrew Scheer calls for the resignation of Justin Trudeau, and Bill Morneau.
  • The same day, the Bloc Québécois joins its voice to that of the conservatives in threatening to bring down the government in September, if Morneau and Trudeau does not resign by then.
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