Scandalous Alina Pash almost landed in jail: “Mom, I’m sorry. Dad, I’m sorry”

Скандальная Алина Паш едва не угодила за решетку: "Мама, прости. Папа, прости"

Alina Pash,

today, 22:09

Popular Ukrainian it Alina Pash that summer performed their rendition of the anthem in celebration of independence Day, has already won the hearts of millions of fans for its unusual singing and Transcarpathian dialect. She recently visited America and Israel, and shared his travel experiences in an interview with Katya Osadchaya.

Скандальная Алина Паш едва не угодила за решетку: "Мама, прости. Папа, прости"

Alina Pash, Gordon

As it turned out, abroad, namely in Israel Alina’s in trouble – an artist almost landed in jail because the violated local law. According to Pash, she wanted to smoke pot, which is banned in Jerusalem, but to her and the police came and almost took it to the station. “There is such a thing as CBD. It’s weed, but without the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which does not intoxicate, and which is relaxing, and it is legal in many countries. But not in Jerusalem. In tel Aviv – Yes,” said the singer. She decided instead of pills to smoke, because I was sure that it is legal, but apparently not. “I almost got taken to the police station. Mom, I’m sorry. Dad, I’m sorry,” – said 26-year-old Alina Pash.

We will remind, Alina Pash and Freel presented bright track “Not drunk”.

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