Scandalous Freimut from London told the Ukrainians that it is impossible to shove in his mouth

Скандальная Фреймут из Лондона рассказала украинцам, что нельзя пихать в рот

Olga Freimut, a screenshot from the video

today, 02:25

Olga Freimut, Ukrainian TV presenter, who became famous and disgraced the work in the project “Inspector”. Olga is no longer working in this program, but her reputation remained from those times. The presenter has already worked in other projects, and now have decided to develop your Instagram. Now she teaches Ukrainians etiquette in Іnstagram, even a single hashtag was invented for this column.

In his new video, filmed in London, where Olga went the day before, the presenter tells his followers that etiquette not to drink from the straw. And if coffee and tea fans support that the tube is not needed, why not to use it with the cocktails don’t understand. However, the freimuth on video holding a Cup from Starbucks with a straw. In the caption to the video, the star is almost duplicated his words: “Drink coffee or tea from tubes is bad manners. Use them only for cocktails, to mix the drink.” Followers have not passed and began to discuss a new publication the voucher.

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We will remind, Olga Freimut showed the man she loved, the fans moved to tears.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Olga Freimut touched the net photos with her husband.

Also, the portal “Znayu” he wrote that new outfit Freimut amused fans.

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