Scandalous freimuth indicated where to “shove” the female thing, epic video

Скандальная Фреймут показала, куда "засунуть" женскую штучку, эпичное видео

Olga Freimut, Telegraph

today, 07:15

Olga Freimut, Ukrainian TV presenter, who became famous and disgraced the work in the project “Inspector”. Olga is no longer working in this program, but her reputation remained from those times. The presenter has already worked in other projects, and now have decided to develop your Instagram. Now she teaches Ukrainians etiquette, even a single hashtag was invented for this column.

In a new video about the etiquette freimuth told the women how to hold the bag. As I undestood, no need to put a clutch under the arm, it’s not a thermometer. But right, she said, hold bag with two hands or one. “How to hold a clutch? Under the mouse? No, it’s not a thermometer. Clutch hold down in one or two hands. #ticketstream,” wrote the star in the caption to the video, about these same words she says in the video. Followers have not passed and began to discuss a new publication the voucher.

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We will remind, Olga Freimut showed the man she loved, the fans moved to tears.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Olga Freimut touched the net photos with her husband.

Also, the portal “Znayu” he wrote that new outfit Freimut amused fans.

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