Scandalous Kristina Asmus gaunt appearance causes concern: “close to Anorexia”

Скандальная Кристина Асмус измождена, внешний вид вызывает тревогу: "Анорексия рядом"

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Famous Russian actress Christina Asmus, which was loved by the audience the role of Varya in the TV series “Interns” often pleases fans with bright posts in his Instagram. Recently the wife of the Russian comedian Garik Kharlamov run into the sex scandal, it happened after rolling out the film “Text” with the sex scenes with the participation of Christine. But it seems the passions died down, and the actress continues to spoil fans with news of their lives.

Скандальная Кристина Асмус измождена, внешний вид вызывает тревогу: "Анорексия рядом"

Kristina Asmus

So, this time the celebrity has delighted its fans and haters with the release of uncut version of the controversial film “Text” to START the video service. Also, she was very generous with the gifts for the users, namely the CRAIG promotional code which gives free access to the video service for two weeks. Moreover, she explained in detail who and how to use it.

“What you’ve been waiting for!!)))) Uncut version of the film “Text” is already available on the video service START!! 🔥 And for all my subscribers (especially for beloved haters, trolls and goblins 🤪) I have a gift – promocode CRAIG, which gives the user free access (!) within two weeks to all the movies and series itself, including to the main exclusive – the most high-profile Russian film of the year “Text”!! 😳💣 Redeem you can go to the website (or via Instagram the header of the profile there is a link). Promotion code available to new subscribers of the video service ☝, ” wrote the actress.

It is noted that Cristina has left open comments and users did not restrain themselves, shared their impressions.

“No, not the Director’s cut Chris.. should be 4 hours like promised, and then the usual 2:11”, “I don’t know really, one that hurts…but the film is heavy.Watched before going to sleep with her husband.Trouble sleeping then…and all thoughts about the film.I pity those who only saw sex and.Upcomillas….”, “You’re super! Well done! Garik-clever! Text – good movie. I watched and just enjoyed!”, “Yesterday I watched the film, it’s the best I’ve seen lately,very strong and deep film!!!Christine don’t pay attention to people who write nasty things,you are a beautiful woman and family you have!!!Now waiting for December 30, and “Edward Harsh”😊😊😊”, “Anorexia is somewhere near,” commented nick.

Recall that Kristina Asmus showed footage from the premiere of the show in which she participated.

As reported by the portal Znayu Russian actress Christina Asmus after the recent filming of a sex scene in the movie “the Text” shared a controversial photo.

The portal also Znayu wrote that scandalous Kristina Asmus before the holidays turned into a marshmallow.

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