Scandalous mandrel covered the legendary song of EXPLOSIVES in the Ukrainian language: not everyone liked

Скандальный Дорн перепел легендарную песню ВВ на украинском языке: понравилось не всем

Ivan Dorn, Tvoybro

today, 20:57

Popular artist Ivan Dorn, which at one time disgraced the expressions about the relations of Ukraine and Russia, moreover, he left to tour the country-aggressor in the midst of war. Now Dorn suddenly remembered the Ukrainian language together with starred in the remake of the first video in Ukrainian show business group BB “Tantsi”. As you can see, the creators literally frame for frame repeated clip 1989 the legendary group, was also sustained atmosphere of an old video. By the way, in the production of the remake was attended by leading Vladimir Ostapchuk and Andrey Shabanov.

It is worth noting that the Studio “HEARING” is not the first time plays old clips of the legendary Ukrainian songs. So, before they showed a remake of the video “Khreschatyk” Pavel Zibrov, starring Garik Korogodsky. Then he admitted that he never sang, but still agreed to a role in the reconstruction of the clip. Of course, by tradition, the producer of the project “HEARING” Maxim Serdyuk does not reveal whose music video will be following in their reconstruction.

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We will remind, Loboda, the mandrel and Bicola showed hot fun in the center of Kiev.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that the scandalous Ivan Dorn produced three Grand concert in Ukraine.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Pedan potrollit Ivlievu, Barnabas and mandrel.

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