Scandalous Morgenstern can “wipe”: a new video of the musician blew “f*n” fans

Скандальным Моргенштерном можно "подтереться": новое видео музыканта подорвало "ж*пу" фанатам

Morgenstern, photos used from free sources

today, 21:48

Recently, well-known and at the same time controversial Russian musician Morgenstern has published on its YouTube channel a new video. However, it was not a video for the new song, thought the fans, and the usual advertising. Thus the singer has presented its new product – toilet paper with personal photos.

In the video, the guy sitting on the toilet and offers to buy goods for just $ 1000. And you can choose the image yourself. In addition, the musician assured that this toilet paper would help to solve personal problems.

Скандальным Моргенштерном можно "подтереться": новое видео музыканта подорвало "ж*пу" фанатам

A screenshot of the video

Note that this novelty immediately caused the network intense discussion and jokes about it. Some joke that now you know how much you can get on a face of a celebrity, or do they wipe.

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