Scandalous Panin mocked by her teenage daughter did not hesitate the camera: “SAG*of alasl all”

Скандальный Панин поиздевался над дочерью-подростком, не стесняясь камеры: "Зас*алась вся"

Alexey Panin, pixabay

today, 08:22

Scandalously famous actor Alexey Panin not cease to shock the audience, attracting attention not quite decent video. This time the actor put on his page in the social network weird video, which has caused mixed reactions from users. So, in the video you can see Panin, who drags “scruff” their 12-letni daughter Anya and scolds her for the mess.

The girl literally lying on the floor when an angry father pulling her to the battery, yelling “You’re worse than dogs, SaaS*Ala all the” he ties a strap to the battery. The baby’s crying is freaking out, and Panin continues to yell. And all of that someone takes on the camera, ignoring the child’s tears. The audience, of course, rapidly embraced such methods of education, that it is wrong – agreed all. The dispute is this video real or just another reason to “hypnoti”.

Recall that Panin naked after a stormy night preparing a naked friend.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Panin made a Frank admission.

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Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Panin has told, how together with Hitler invaded Europe and admitted hatred of Russia.

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