Scandalous teacher Alyona Alyona “Ustvari rap” in an adult: first solo album for “fish”

Скандальная воспитательница Alyona Alyona "ушкварит рэпчик" по-взрослому: первый сольник для "рыбок"

More recently, Alain Savranenko was a simple teacher with curvaceous. Worked in kindergarten and nobody knew about her powerful creative abilities. Under the pseudonym Alyona Alyona the girl became famous to all Ukraine once tried singing in the style of “rap”. Simple, yet quite psychedelic clips Alena “Rybky”, “Talisay sviy dim” and many others rack up millions of views on YouTube. Army of fans Alyona Alyona rapidly rasalas – love her in the whole country. And finally, the singer decided to make his “fish” solo concerts. There are four cities where the rap star will come to the concert. Among them Poltava.

Скандальная воспитательница Alyona Alyona "ушкварит рэпчик" по-взрослому: первый сольник для "рыбок"

Luxury Alyona Alyona rushed headlong into the world of show business

Concert tickets are quite inexpensive – 250-300 UAH. In Poltava, Alena will perform may 18 in Lviv on may 24, and June 14 in Kiev.

Earlier, we wrote that the grass is made of mandrel to yell at the tree: the best new spring.

Znayu also noted: broke so broke! Alena Alena after the rapid conquest of Ukraine swung on Europe.

Earlier we wrote that the Ukrainian reparse Alyona Alyona (Alena, Savranenko) , which rapidly broke into show business, released their debut album called “Gun”. The album includes 13 tracks, including “Head”, “Ribki-3”, “Vdcin” and “Talisay sviy dim” that Alain introduced not so long ago. The name of the album it myself, as often calls himself “cannon”.

Recall that immediately after the forum, Poroshenko Alyona Alyona has released a new clip.

Earlier Znayu reported that it Alyona Alyona locked in a rap battle with Ivan Dorn.

We will remind, Ivan Dorn recently shared a sweet home photo, which, standing on a ladder, gathering cherries in a makeshift bucket.


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