Scandals Eurovision-2020, Maruv last year got off “easy fright”

Скандалы Евровидения-2020, Maruv в прошлом году отделалась "легким испугом"

Maruv, a frame from the video

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In mid-may this year, will host the Eurovision song contest. Now determine who will represent Ukraine. After the second semi-final of National selection for Eurovision 2020 has had a few scandals.

Скандалы Евровидения-2020, Maruv в прошлом году отделалась "легким испугом"

The national selection of Eurovision, a frame from the video

Last year on national selection on “Eurovision” there were several high-profile scandals, including the winner Maruv. This year the organizers have pre-set requirements of artists, so it was expected that this time will do without scandals. But the miracle did not happen.

In the first semi-final really all was calm, but on the second semi-final was implicated in the scandal, the representative of the jury of the contest – the singer Tina Karol, and the singer Vladimir Tkachenko, who performs under the alias David Axelrod.

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In the second semifinal of the national selection were three artists (Elina Ivashchenko, KHAYAT, David Axelrod), who were wards of Tina Karol on the project the Voice of the country.

At the beginning of the broadcast host national selection Sergey Pritula asked the singer how she is going to recognize their former players. Tina Karol assured that will evaluate them like all the others.

But it was not quite so MOONZOO feat. F. M. F. Sure and TVORCHI received from Danilko and Vitaly Drozdov highest marks (7 and 8 points) and Carole got 2 and 5 points. With the former wards the opposite happened. Speech Elina Ivashchenko and Danil Drozdov was estimated at 3 and 4 points, while Tina Karol – 7 points. In this case, 6 and 8, respectively, got David Axelrod and KHAYAT.

Tina stated that no one pasagoula, and it just happened by accident that the artists who have previously worked with her, performed better than others.

After the first part of the selection of participants in the network sparked controversy about the appropriateness of the Russian language in the musical contest. Reacted to this fact well-known Ukrainian artist Danilko, who plays in the image of Verka Serduchka. The contractor believes that no matter what language they sing and speak of the contestants.

“This is nonsense people, who were not at the creation, and destruction. I don’t even want to discuss”, – said Danilko.

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We will remind, Tina behind the scenes of the national selection for Eurovision 2020 turned into sweet Monroe, Kennedy would not hold.

As reported Znaia the participants of the Eurovision 2020, who will sing on the main stage of Europe in may.

Also Znayu he wrote that the participant of national selection of “Eurovision 2020” Jerry Heil won the song for “From Tomboy to lady”.

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