Scandals within the XV of France: Bernard Laporte points out the “cacophony” within the French delegation

Scandals within the XV of France: Bernard Laporte points out the “cacophony” within the French delegation

Bernard Laporte est l’actuel directeur sportif du Montpellier Hérault Rugby. Midi Libre – JEAN-MICHEL MART

Ancien sélectionneur du XV de France, puis président de la fédération française de rugby, le directeur du rugby de Montpellier a réagi, ce mercredi 10 juillet, sur BFM TV aux différents scandales qui touchent la sélection en tournée en Argentine.

Invited by BFM TV to comment on the news of the XV of France, Bernard Laporte, the rugby director of the MHR, former coach and president of the FFR, first of all had "a word for the alleged victim but we must also respect the presumption of innocence".

After dismissing full-back Melvyn Jaminet for racist remarks broadcast and then removed from his social networks, the XV of France was faced with the arrest of two young internationals, Hugo Auradou and Oscar Jégou, following a complaint of sexual assault. "I’have contacts and everything and everything is said about this matter, continued the former Secretary of State. If the facts are proven, it is very serious, unspeakable, intolerable. But let's let the investigation take place and we'll know what happened. I also think of the mothers of these two players, who must be terrified. But let's let the investigation take place."

"Players must be exemplary"

He also challenged the organization of this tour by the FFR, regretting the absence of a "framework& quot; for around the XV of France. "The French team is the example of our sport, so the players must be exemplary. But who was the head of the Federation delegation to this team? I don't think there is one. However, the institution must be represented by an elected official. The president arrived later, but you always need a head of delegation who frames things, who puts in place internal regulations. I was coach of the French team for eight years, it was the job of Jo Maso, who was the elected official of the Federation and who put this framework in place. So that doesn't mean that the risk doesn't exist, but when the institution is represented, a framework is put in place and this kind of tragedy is avoided" , supported Bernard Laporte, targeting, without naming him, his successor at the head of the federation, the Montpellier Florian Grill.

"From the outside, it seems to be cacophony"

"What Jaminet did is unacceptable. But why can these players go out and do so much stupid things? Why isn't there a framework where we tell them "you wear the jersey of the France team, you represent France abroad, so you must have exemplary attire"? From the outside, it seems to be a bit of a cacophony, you have to tell it like it is", scathes the former coach of the Blues.

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