Scenes Households : finally, a gay couple in the series ? The producers are afraid

Scènes de Ménages : enfin un couple gay dans la série ? Les producteurs ont peur

Scenes Households : finally, a gay couple in the series ? The producers are afraid

The creators of Scenes of the Household – which just celebrated its 10 years on M6, may be talented, but they are not the most courageous. The evidence behind new excuses, they have claimed that no gay couple was still in the program.

It’s been ten years that Scenes of Household makes the happiness of the viewers, but yet, nothing has really changed. If a couple is gone and that new love came along the way, it is clear that the comedy of M6 still has not dared to take the plunge. What is it ? To stage a gay couple.

Still no gay couple

And unfortunately for the fans hoping to see the series be more inclusive and represent the best life in France, the creators are obviously not ready to imitate those of a More beautiful life, or even Tomorrow belongs to us in the years to come.

During a recent interview with the HuffPost, Aude Thévenin (artistic director and producer of the series) was simply under-understood that the creative team was not able to find an interest in the integration of a gay couple : “The question often comes up with the same issue: is it going to tell anything new? It is necessary that these people are creating conflict that is not based solely on their sexuality. There is always the risk of being either trivial or too cartoonish.

A couple constantly being rejected

A note particularly amazing when you know that they don’t have the air of posing the question for the other couples, who have the right to all of the plots possible, far from always being focused on the basis of sex (policy, war of neighbours, problems at work…).

Worse, Mathieu Laurentin (producer), for his part, confided that the idea of integrating a gay couple (men or women) should even be pushed back even further in time. The reason for this ? The series competing Parents mode of employment is already coming to pass the cape : “With the ‘Parents manual’, we will be obliged to reinvent something very different. As long as we won’t be happy with our work, we will not release a gay couple (to the antenna). We never did get out a couple as we are not convinced that everything comes together for people to take ownership of it.

10 years of reflection, it starts to make the long…

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