Scenes Households : Gérard Hernandez (Raymond) tackle the Spanish version, “horribly vulgar”

Scènes de Ménages : Gérard Hernandez (Raymond) tacle la version espagnole, "horriblement vulgaire"

Scenes Households : Gérard Hernandez (Raymond) do not include the success of the series”

Scenes of Households without Gerard Hernandez in the shoes of Raymond, sounds impossible ? And yet, this has failed to be the case. The comedian was given, it took a long time to appreciate the series of M6… because of its Spanish version.

Gérard Hernandez did not like Scenes of Households

This is now 10 years that the series Scènes de ménages laugh at the millions of French people every night. A real joy for the viewers, but also for Gérard Hernandez, the interpreter of Raymond. The micro TVMag, he confided : “We have such freedom of language as it is an outlet !“.

However, this beautiful story, he could never know. Without a language of wood, he has confessed to Télé 7 jours have never believed in this series : “I had seen the Spanish version, which was bad. When I accepted the role, I thought it would only last three months“. So much so, that he was also responsible for having “refused several times” his famous role. A surprise ? Not that much to it. According to him, this famous Spanish version was “horribly vulgar“, very far from the French. What is that, some fans may not be in agreement on this point.

The actor doesn’t want to leave

And today ? The situation has a little changed. He has entrusted to Tv Star does “not understand the success of the series” and revealed “It’s been ten years that I say that it’s going to collapse“, Gérard Hernandez feels too well on the trays to drop the comedy.

In the past year, the partner of Marion Game had stated, inter alia not imagine leaving Scenes of Households before the season, 25 : “We can’t stay 10 years in a business or company if one is not well. The people are so great with us. I get there, I removed my coat, it gives me my fruit juice, it is Byzantium. I’m even amazed that they pay me more“.

There are only fools who do not change their opinion.

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