Scenes Households : Marion Game victim of Alzheimer’s ? Gérard Hernandez denies the rumors

Scènes de Ménages : Marion Game victime d'Alzheimer ? Gérard Hernandez dément les rumeurs

Scenes Households : Marion Game (Huguette) victim of Alzheimer’s ? Gérard Hernandez (Raymond) denies the rumors

For several days, Marion Game – Huguette in Scenes of Households, is found to be the victim of a disturbing rumor. According to her, the actress would be Alzheimer’s disease. A situation that upset Gérard Hernandez (Raymond), who was keen to reassure the fans about the state of health of its partner.

Marion Game the victim of a disturbing rumor

Couple lighthouse Scenes of Households, Raymond and Huguette would see his future in the series write in a dotted line. The reason for this ? Believe an astonishing rumor that has been circulating since several weeks now, Marion Game – the executor of Huguette, would have more difficulties in retaining its text.

According to some newspapers, the famous actress would be affected by Alzheimer’s disease, and the production would have been forced to accommodate the shooting conditions in order to cope with this situation. Startling revelations and… totally fake.

Gérard Hernandez in anger

Interviewed by RTL, Gérard Hernandez – the executor of Raymond and partner of long-standing game Marion Game, has immediately denied these rumors : “It is false, archi-false” and shared his anger at their spread : “It is obvious that we are not as cool as it did 50 years ago, it is obvious that we have a little more trouble to learn our texts… but to say that it is scary, I am outraged, outraged, outraged“.

As recalled by the actor cult of M6 : “I know Marion for over 50 years, this is my partner for 11 years, I know her better than I know myself“. Also, see his partner to be part of such rumours the bugging at the highest point : “Marion, if we do it wrong, I’ll always be there to protect, I hope that Marion is not aware of it because it’s going to hurt him“.

You have, of Marion Game is going very well. What we are to reassure and prove to us that if Raymond and Huguette are are constantly looking for lice on the screen, interpreters, support and love behind the scenes.


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