Scenes households : the actors tell us how it goes in behind the scenes (Interview)

Scenes households : the actors reveal to us the behind the scenes (Interview)

You have always had a desire to learn more about behind-the-scenes of Scenes of household ? Well, your wish is fulfilled since PRBK has had the opportunity to learn about the backstage of the series of M6, during an interview with Valérie Karsenti (Liliane), Frédéric Bouraly (José), Marion Game (Huguette), Gérard Hernandez (Raymond), Amélie Etasse (Camille) and Gregory Bonnet (Philippe).

For the past 10 years, Scenes of households, pace of the evenings of millions of people on the M6 and wins always so successful. Besides, to celebrate its tenth year, the series has the right to a new premium exceptional, to be broadcast this Thursday, 7 November 2019, in which the characters participate in competitions. Before discovering this special evening, PRBK met Valérie Karsenti (Liliane), Frédéric Bouraly (José), Marion Game (Huguette), Gérard Hernandez (Raymond), Amélie Etasse (Camille) and Gregory Bonnet (Philippe), for an interview Off Screen.

The actors, Scenes of households entrust on behind the scenes

The opportunity to learn more about behind-the-scenes Scenes of households. The actors explain to us, for example, that the shooting is spread out over a “30 days per year“, they receive their texts one week before going on the set and that they are “a twenty sequences per day” : “it is pretty sport, “says Amélie Etasse before adding that, when they film a scene, about 25 people from the technical team are present with them.

Frédéric Bouraly reveals then that they eat “real food” when they turn sequences with dishes : “it is important for the game that we eat really things.” Gregory Bonnet and interpreter of Camille stipulate that : “there is no flat relief, but there is meat in the same dish. There is even a small spittoon if one has enough to eat.” And guess what has replaced the alcohol in the series ? By colored water ! Finally, not for all couples.

“We meet in the canteen, when you’re doing interviews”

You are curious to know if the actors will cross each other on the filming so that they don’t have scenes together ? PRBK has the answer for you : “No, we try precisely to avoid“, balance it with humor Grégoire Bonnet before that Amélie Etasse explains : “We meet in the canteen, when you’re doing interviews.” Frédéric Bouraly adds : “today, it was in the reading, there was our comrades who were doing it. It is crossed on this occasion.” “Never, and then you hate them. Especially how is it called already ? The one who has, you know that ? I can’t see it and it no longer“, concluded Marion Game and Gérard Hernandez with a sense of humor worthy of their characters.

Interview by Lola Maroni. Exclusive content. Do not reproduce without citing

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