SCH and Soolking be found on the title “Maryline”

SCH and Soolking be found on the title “Maryline”

In addition to Dadju, Soolking invites SCH on his double album “Vintage”, the output of which is scheduled for march 20, 2020. The two rappers combine on the title Maryline, in which they use the name of Marilyn Monroe as a metaphor to talk about the cocaine. The sound is to listen on PRBK.

Almost two years after “the Fruit of the devil”, Soolking is ready to release his second album, which is actually a double album consisting of 20 songs including Baby hello and Melegim in feat with Dadju : it will be available in two versions, “ice” and “fire”. The full tracklist for the moment remains a big question mark, but the interpreter of Dalida has today decided to give us a info extra : he has worked with CHS on the album, “Vintage”.

Soolking and SCH associate on the sound Maryline

Soolking has invited the rapper from marseille, with whom he has already worked on the album “Rooftop”, on the song Maryline in which the two artists speak of drug trafficking while paying tribute to Marilyn Monroe… in their own way : “On the biff, about biff, Marilyn, Marilyn, she is white like Marilyn, Monroe Marilyn / On not succeed just by trying, my Gucci Drip, I look at the ocean (bitch) / Strong and bright, it takes the biff, the coke is white like Marilyn / what is it would not be for a brick purple ? / It has vowed to be rich, me and my firm.” A pretty effective.

SCH had confirmed his new duo in an interview with PRBK : “I have not the right to spoiler more than that but I’ll be on the album. It is a reuf, this is one that I love“, has entrusted to us the interpreter of Red Sky.

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