School dropout: Quebec delay, especially boys, according to a study

Québec’s public schools have a lower graduation rate than other provinces in Canada and the situation of boys and students with handicaps, social maladjustments and learning difficulties is worrying, according to a study released Wednesday.
The Institut du Québec study states that in the Québec public network, the five-year graduation rate, which is 64 per cent, has not improved for almost a decade. The gap is close to 20 percentage points with Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, and increases to 25 per cent between Quebec boys and Ontario boys.

The Institut du Québec rejects the sole argument of the lack of funding to explain dropout, having noted that for 10 years, funding efforts have been similar in Quebec and Ontario.

To redress the situation, the Institute proposes to study and take into consideration local and foreign best practices, starting with those that affect the teacher. It also proposes to rigorously evaluate certain programs and to create without delay an Institute of Excellence in Education.

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