School uniform 2019: top tips on choosing clothes for girls

Select for a child of beautiful and high quality “uniform”

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Школьная форма 2019: главные советы по выбору одежды для девочки

Rules for selection of school uniforms for girls 2019

The summer has already quietly good-bye, and this means that the calendar is almost the 1st of September. For many adults – it’s not just the end of the regular season, and the period of hassles when you need to collect the child in school. And even if the school your daughter does not have to wear a strict form, then you still have to buy casual clothes.

Also find out how much this year will cost to collect the child in school:

How to choose the right school uniform for girls, learn the material Today.Lifestyle.

Check with the school

Never rely on great advice and don’t ask the selection criteria of mothers whose daughters are in the same class with your “broken telephone” can significantly distort the situation. Go directly to the head teacher or the school Director. They will tell you all the requirements for school uniform down to the details.

Some schools just collect money from parents, taking measurements with toddlers and sew form to order. This in many ways eliminates the headaches is to find a dressmaker, to describe her desired model, to detect that the clothes fit. If so, the amount that will go to the payment form, also ask the head teacher.

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Sad to say this, but there are teachers who are not averse to a raise fraudulently – just voicing children “rate” higher. In addition, young children also can deceive the parent. In this age, the child is much stronger than conscious of their social status in correlation with the availability of money. And could overstate the amount requested in the school.

Pay attention to the composition

No matter whether you order a form a dressmaker or buy it in the store or market. It is important that the percentage of synthetic was minimal.

Fabric needs to breathe. Children active. They have a lot of running around, laughing, playing, girls jumping rubber bands and classics. If the daughter of sweat, and her shirt is synthetic, it will be bad for the skin. Can go rashes and allergies.

And generally stuck in class for several hours in hot, synthetic blouse – the more fun. The best materials – wool, linen, cotton, cashmere.

How to choose accurate size?

Yes, kids grow up fast. But no need to buy blouses two sizes too big. The baby is like a sad Scarecrow.

If you really really want to buy something a size larger, imagine how the girl will be hard to continuously improve the pleats, the belt, as it will be uncomfortable to walk (not to mention playing), how she hates this form, but will be forced to wear it every day. And the school, it will seem the worst place on the planet – because I had to wear a horrible uniform.

Fashion trends cut

The main rule: the girl must look modest, neat and pretty like that myself. Expressionless baggy styles – not for beauty. Choose her a beautiful dress, a pencil skirt or crease, fitted jacket. Let the girl will love the elegant understated style that will make her beautiful.

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Do not succumb to provocations and not to buy revealing clothing. Especially if the daughter entered the difficult time of adolescence. Social revolt and the discovery of his own sexuality may not too good influence on her tastes. You cannot allow the child to dress vulgar or just hit and miss.

Choose the color of the school uniform

A favorite question of teachers, “You went to school or to a disco?” is sometimes justified. Clothing colors should be a muted green, gray, beige, blue. As a rule, school leaders have said about the preferred colour scheme.

Also we invite you to learn about the most important trends of school uniforms in 2019 year.

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Школьная форма 2019: главные советы по выбору одежды для девочки

Школьная форма 2019: главные советы по выбору одежды для девочки

Школьная форма 2019: главные советы по выбору одежды для девочки


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