Schoolgirl for the sake of the dragons gave a bribe to the Prime Minister

In the network appeared the official answer of the head of the government of New Zealand

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Школьница ради драконов дала взятку премьер-министру

Jacinda Ardern got a funny letter from a schoolgirl

11-year-old new Zealand schoolgirl named Victoria wrote an amusing letter to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. The girl asked the politician to study the dragons, as well as telekinesis and telepathy. To note, Victoria put five dollars in financial aid, writes the New Zealand Herald.

The brother of a schoolgirl in a post on Reddit, explained that his sister also wanted to ask the authorities telepathic abilities. This gift will need her to control the dragons if they are found during the governmental investigations. Guy went to his post the official answer of the head of the government of New Zealand.

Школьница ради драконов дала взятку премьер-министру

Letter girls

In this Ardern explained that now the authorities do not engage in such research, while Victoria she was very interested. “So I return you to your bribe and I wish you the best in your quest of telekinesis, telepathy and dragons”, the letter reads.

Side Ardern hand-wrote “P. S. I will still keep an eye on these dragons. They accidentally wear costumes?”.

We will remind, 16-year-old girl nominated for the Nobel prize. In addition, the “Today” wrote, as in the UK, a thief stole a student’s laptop, and then wrote her an e-mail letter which explained his actions and even offered to help in school.

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