Schools are already looking for staff

Schools are already looking for staff


The  shedding  due to lack of staff will start today in some schools. Several are even already looking for volunteer parents, a measure supposed to be a last resort.

“There are people coming back, people leaving [in isolation]. It will be a daily management […] for at least the next two weeks,” said Nicolas Prévost, president of the Quebec Federation of Educational Establishment Directors.

Schools are already looking for staff

Photo courtesy, FQDE Nicolas Prévost, School Principals

Thanks to an internal platform put online on Friday, the principals who are part of his association can register in real time the number of employees they are missing. 

A hundred directors had inserted their data there yesterday. For the most part, only two or three people will be missing. But in some schools, the number of absentees is expected to rise to seven or eight employees, observes Mr. Prévost. 

7 absentees out of 12

In Montérégie, a school is already looking for volunteer parents to replace the 7 childcare workers it will miss at lunchtime, illustrates Mr. Prévost. < /p>

The Diarycontacted all the school service centers (CSS) in the Montérégie. At the time of publication, the center concerned could not be identified.

In Saguenay, the CSS du Pays-des-Bleuets had already sent a call to all on Friday, inviting in particular the parents of students who would like to “lend a hand”.

Volunteers will be paid and their criminal records checked, it is specified in the call for all. 

The use of volunteer parents is allowed by the contingency plan of the Ministry of Education, but it is a measure of last resort, recalls Florent Tanlet, from the office of Minister Jean-François Roberge. 

For this first real day of school, Mr. Prévost does not expect any service disruptions. But to load shedding, yes. For example, students in difficulty may not have access to their individual monitoring. 

“From the moment we transfer special education technicians or remedial teachers to a class to teach, it's sure that we're cutting service somewhere,” summarizes Mr. Prévost.  ;

Still in the fog

“The priority is student safety,” explains Kathleen Legault, president of the Montreal Association of school principals.

Last week, the principals of schools in the metropolis were swimming in an almost total fog on future absenteeism. “It is dissipating little by little”, but the uncertainty is still great, admits Ms. Legault.

Many teachers are still waiting for a result of their PCR screening test carried out at the end of the week. . In addition, we do not know how many students will be absent, parents having declared their intention to keep their young people at home.

“We are also asking parents to reduce the use of the services of school daycare, and this, until spring break”, also invites the CSS Pays-des-Bleuets in its appeal to parents.

< em>– With Daphnée Dion-Viens

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