Schools may not impose the wearing of the mask in class

Les écoles ne peuvent imposer le port du masque en classe

The centres of school services may not impose sanitary measures other than those enacted by the public Health, such as wearing a mask at all times to the school, including in the classroom.

Friday, the center for academic services Lester-B.-Pearson has released, on its website, a newsletter on reentry, in which we learned that the students would wear a mask at all times, including in the classroom, from the fifth year.

“All students of the commission scolaire Lester-B.-Pearson will be forced to wear the mask at all times, including in the classroom. They will be encouraged to remove their mask during times when social distancing is possible, during periods of silence or at any other time determined by the teacher,” could we play in this communication.

In the early afternoon, The Newspaper has contacted the office of the minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, to get a reaction on this topic.

The Association of committees of parents of the English-speaking Quebec (ACPA), president Katherine Korakakis had indicated to the Journal that wearing a mask in class was claimed by several families, worried by the absence of a separation physical in the classes.

However, in the late afternoon, the information had been removed from the website of the center for academic services. The organization told the Newspaper that the information had been published briefly and by mistake” on its website.

In the early evening, the ministry of Education has indicated to the Newspaper, in a written reply, that “school boards do not have powers in the field of public health, and could not, in the framework of the powers granted in the Act on public education, require all students to wear a cover-face, in all the circumstances, to the school.”

On Monday, the minister of Education and the national director of public health have announced that the wearing of the mask will be mandatory while travelling to school for pupils from the 5th year. The covers-face, however, is not required in the classroom.

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