Schools to the rescue

Les écoles à la rescousse

Robert Leroux has what it takes to proceed to the reopening of his library. He is aware, however, that a period of adaptation will be required, prior to welcome new customers to come into the trade of the Place Longueuil.

The screens of plexiglass and the visors are arrived. The opening is not necessarily in the hours after a green light from the government Legault.

Les écoles à la rescousse

Robert Leroux

“We had to completely reorganize our library to fill the orders that come through the site and those of the schools. It will be necessary to redevelop the place, ” said Robert Leroux, owner with his wife, Manon Trépanier.

The library which opened its doors in 1987 provides that, during the first few days of opening it, to begin with the physical recovery of orders made via the internet.

The 7 employees 14 that are present on site and who are working at home, there’s no shortage of work. Online orders are still numerous. As well as those from schools of the municipalities that are moving into.

“There is a lot of activity at this time. The schools are in the end of the budget period, and they adorn the shelves of their libraries. There are also commands that are beginning to enter for the books of class “, he remarked during a phone interview.

Digital books

Librairie Alire has seen an explosion in online sales.

“We had never seen it. We couldn’t believe it. In a day or two, we sold more books online for a month. Online sales of paper books were something marginal with us. It has had to adapt and find a rhythm. Online sales are still important, but this is not comparable with what it was in April “, he stated.

The novel, A better man, by Louise Penny, was the success of spring the majority of libraries in quebec in the period of confinement. This was also the case at the librairie Alire.

“We have also sold books that only took out more for a year or two, and others that one did not normally sell. Books that were in our inventory which were available by the platform We also sold a lot of digital books to public libraries, he mentioned.

Robert Leroux is 72 years old. He performs his job as owner from the house.

“I had never worked a lot from home. I was always at the library. It was not easy at the beginning. One had the impression, in the first time, that we would die if we left “, he dropped.

The suggestions of Robert, and of the bookseller Etienne Maillé

The dance of the bear

Patrice Lessard


Jo Greenland and the North road

Boucar Diouf



Pascal Girard



Akena Okoko


For the record : small miracles and white pebbles

Dominique Fortier and Rafaële Germain


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