Scientists announced the appearance of a new large iceberg in Antarctica

Ученые заявили о появлении нового крупного айсберга в Антарктиде

The iceberg broke from the glacier pine island in late October.NASA published a picture of a giant iceberg-46, which was made during the flight over the glacier pine island explorers mission IceBridge. As reported on the Agency’s website, iceberg, the size of which can be compared to Manhattan, has broken away from a glacier at the end of October, reports the with reference to ZN.UA

It is noted that the breakaway of icebergs is a natural process. However, the researchers observe, not quickens if the frequency and speed of such splits over time. At the end of the 2016 mission IceBridge recorded the appearance of cracks in the glacier, pine island. The crack had grown almost a year and in September 2017 has been breakaway large iceberg-44.

Crack, which initiated the formation of In-46, was first seen in September 2018, and the iceberg broke away a month later. Thus, from the glacier pine island large icebergs split off in 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2018.

Earlier, Ukrainian scientists said that the ozone hole increases, the wall that protects the Antarctic from the air of the warm latitudes. Her disappearance might cause warming in Antarctica will go even faster.

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