Scientists create genome “Noah’s ark”

                                Ученые создают геномный "Ноев ковчег"

The project “biblical proportions” will cost $ 600 million.

Members of the Genome 10K consortium announced the launch of an international project, his task is to collect the 66 genomes of thousands of vertebrate species living on Earth.

As said G10K co-founder Oliver Rayer, it will allow scientists to better understand the genetic causes of species extinction, such as the presence of harmful mutations and inbreeding. As an example, he described the discovery of a harmful recessive gene among California condors, which could lead to the complete disappearance of rare species, but it has now become possible in time to identify the birds who are carriers of a lethal trait.

As the name implies, the Genome 10K project originally planned to organize the genomes of 10,000 vertebrate species, but now, thanks to the huge success and reduce the cost of technologies for sequencing genes, it was decided to increase the number of types of almost 7 times. The project will bring together more than 150 experts from 50 institutions.

Express info by country

United States of America (USA) – a country in North America.

                                Ученые создают геномный "Ноев ковчег"


                                Ученые создают геномный "Ноев ковчег"

Coat of arms

                                Ученые создают геномный "Ноев ковчег"

Capital – Washington

Largest cities: new York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Houston, Philadelphia, Boston, Phoenix, San Diego, Dallas

Form of government : Presidential Republic

Territory – 9 519 431 km2 (4th in world)

Population – 321,26 million people (3rd in the world)

Official language – American English

Religion – Protestantism, Catholicism

HDI – 0,915 (8th in the world)

GDP – $17,419 trillion (1st in the world)

Currency – US dollar

Border: Canada, Mexico

As reported by “Around the world. Ukraine”, the nature of the dope: scientists have decoded the genome of the Mac.

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