Scientists discovered in the Universe is a giant ring

Ученые обнаружили во Вселенной гигантское кольцо

The x-ray sources in the galaxy have formed an unusual structure in the form of a giant ring

New data from telescopes Chandra and Hubble has allowed scientists to observe an unusual phenomenon in the Universe – an unusual ring giant size in the galaxy AM 0644-741. This structure is in the form of a ring formed by the collision of two galaxies. The object probably formed binary star systems in which there is either a neutron star or a black hole, writes the with reference for Today.

The second oddity is that all sources of radiation in the ring belong to the group of ultraluminous (ULXs) – such structures generate more energy more than ordinary binary system.

But they don’t live long – a few million years, by the standards of the Universe is almost instant. At the end of the life cycle become supermassive black holes or neutron stars with a huge mass.

Outer ring was formed after the expanding gas ring from the collision of two galaxies has launched the process of birth of new stars. Such ring structures is a real joy for astronomers. With their help it is very convenient to study the mechanisms of formation of binary star systems and the behavior of ULXs.

Ученые обнаружили во Вселенной гигантское кольцо

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