Scientists first identified the virus of African swine fever

Ученые впервые выделили вирус африканской чумы свиней

This will open up new opportunities in the development of vaccines against infectious disease.

The staff of the research Institute of Heilongjiang province in the northeast of China first identified the virus of African swine fever (ASF). As reported on Tuesday, the newspaper China Daily, this will open up new opportunities in vaccine development from the infectious diseases from spreading among animals on farms of China from August 2018.

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According to the newspaper, the virus, dubbed Pig/HLJ/18 was isolated from infectious material of an infected pig farm in Jiamusi. Scientists have found that in nature the disease is is a highly contagious and easily transmitted among the animals. According to the study, after infection of pigs, usually within 3-4 days suffering with fever, and after 6-10 days – died from the disease.

The authors of the study, as the publication also emphasized the importance of control and prevention of ASF in China, as the share of China accounts for about 50% of the global population of pigs.

According to the Ministry of agriculture and village China, from August 2018 the country has recorded more than 110 outbreaks of African swine fever.

ASF is an infectious disease with an incubation period of up to two weeks, his vector control – infected or already recovered animals. Typically, the virus enters the body through food, wounds on the skin, mucous membranes, insect bites. Cases of human infection this infection was before was not, however scientists do not exclude the risk of disease, because the virus is evolving is unpredictable, and it is possible to increase varieties.


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