Scientists have called the most ancient dishes that came to us from ancestors

Ученые назвали самые древние блюда, которые пришли нам от предков

Popcorn was popular even 6000 years ago.During excavations of ancient cities and prehistoric settlements archaeologists often find fragments of dishes. And sometimes I find remnants of ancient food and drinks. Some “ancient” foods we grow and consume until now, writes the with reference to ChangeUA

Popcorn entered the movie theaters in the 30-ies of the last century – less than 40 years after the emergence of cinema. Scientists believe that the territory of modern Peru, he was popular even 6000 years ago.

– Despite the fact that bread is one of the most important food in the modern world, the story of his invention is still full of mysteries. During excavations in the Black desert of Jordan, archaeologists have discovered a stone hearth, and bread crumbs by the age of about 14 400 years. This means that one of the main foods of people appeared in the Mesolithic period – over 4,000 years before the Neolithic revolution.

– Scientists have long known that beer has played an important role in ancient cultures, but to find a preserved specimen of the drink could not. As long as the researchers from the University of Glasgow have not found a 2500 year old clay vessels with beer sediment at the bottom.

– Some cheeses require aging for several months or even years. But the cheese, found in the tomb of Promesa, breaking all records – according to scientists, it is more than 3200 years. It is the oldest of the currently known surviving examples.

– Barrel with another dairy product – butter – 3000 years has lain in a peat bog in Ireland.

The debate about who first invented pasta – the Chinese, Italians or Arabs – were long. The end of the dispute was the discovery made by archaeologists in the town of Lassan in the North-West of China. Here was discovered the noodles with the age of 4000 years – the oldest known to date, samples of popular dishes.


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