Scientists have come to unexpected conclusions about the planets of the Solar system

Ученые пришли к неожиданным выводам о планетах Солнечной системы

Previous theories on the neighborhood of the planets was untenable.

A group of astronomers decided to re-calculate interplanetary distance on the basis of already known information. This time they did not compare the radius of the orbit and the distance from the planets to the star. As it turned out, the globe closest mercury, not Venus or the Red planet, reports the with reference to the news of the world.

In the material published on the website “Physics Today” notes that scientists often calculate the wrong distance. So, Venus is considered our neighbor, because the radius of its orbit is 108 million km, and earth’s orbit is 150 million km. Thus, it turns out, distance is just over 40 million km. mercury in this situation is distant by 80 million kilometers.

This approach allows to determine not the distance between the bodies, and only the smallest distance between planets possible. Venus is approaching us, only when it comes between the earth and the Sun. These features, scientists knew a long time ago, when they somehow allowed incorrect data to take root in the minds of many people.


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