Scientists have confirmed a curious fact about cats

A Japanese researcher revealed the essence of the experiment

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Ученые подтвердили любопытный факт про котов

Cats know their nicknames

Japanese scientists have confirmed the known fact that cats are able to distinguish their nicknames. Professor Atsuko Saito argues that the relationship between people and dogs are investigated for several decades. But when she started this project, there were no scientific works about cats.

The participants of the experiment Japanese professors – 78 cats (domestic and cafés). Each pet scientists, as well as familiar and unfamiliar people these animals treated several times. Called random words and nicknames of animals, but cats only respond to nicknames. Often turning their head and moving his ears.

However, fluffies with cafés for some reason, all the words fell on deaf ears. This confirms the result of the experiment and the staff of the institution. “Don’t come when I call them. I doubt that they understand,” says Rake Gotha, employee cafés.

In the brains of cats have no doubt in the popular British animal shelter Battersea. From here take the main cats of the country – the Mouser who look after the residence of the Prime Minister at Downing street.

“We set them different tasks: hiding food in special tunnels and towers. But the cats quickly find it. So I think that many of these animals are really very clever,” – says an employee of the animal shelter, Sophie Oli.

We will remind, scientists published language to communicate with cats. In addition, researchers explained why in fact the cats mauled the legs of a man.

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Ученые подтвердили любопытный факт про котов

Ученые подтвердили любопытный факт про котов

Ученые подтвердили любопытный факт про котов


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