Scientists have confirmed the benefits of green tea in the fight against obesity

Ученые подтвердили пользу зеленого чая в борьбе с ожирением

The study was conducted on laboratory rodents.

Scientists from Ohio state University said that drinking green tea improves intestinal flora, reduces the risk of inflammation in the body and helps to avoid obesity. The researchers experimented with mice, reports the with reference to the news of Yu.

“Substances contained in this drink, improve intestinal health, promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria and strengthening its walls. It provides anti-inflammatory effect associated with the protection of the body against the growth of adipose tissue”, – told the experts of the publication of the journal.

In the experiment, the mice kept on a high fat diet, but some animals regularly received a two percent extract of tea. After eight weeks, the condition of rodents treated with the concentrate of green tea was significantly better than animals not treated. Supplement with tea, protected mice from obesity, provoked by fatty meals. Mouse from the “tea” group scored 20% less body fat and sugar levels in their blood were more low.

According to scientists, green tea also protected the animals from endotoxin, are able to penetrate from the intestine into the bloodstream. Such often happens in leaky gut syndrome. A syndrome means that the intestinal walls are damaged, allowing to enter the different components of waste products, which provoke the body’s inflammatory response.

Now researchers are studying the effects of green tea on patients with metabolic syndrome.


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