Scientists have created a real weapon of the Death Star

A laser power of 10 billion watts is able to evaporate a substance

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 07:43

Ученые создали настоящее оружие Звезды Смерти

“Death” ray can destroy everything

In Romania, successfully completed testing the most powerful laser in history. Its capacity is 10 billion watts is such an incredible energy able to burn a hole in our planet. For comparison, the laser power is comparable to 1/10 of the energy produced by the Sun on Earth, according to TechSpot.

Moreover, heavy duty beam was so devastating that his power is sufficient to vaporize the substance – it can destroy everything. The publication ExtremeTech even called the installation of the equivalent of the “Death Star” on Earth.

Ученые создали настоящее оружие Звезды Смерти

The Romanian laboratory in the framework of the project Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI)

The laser was developed with support from the European Commission, which has allocated to the construction of the radiation installation 850 million euros in the framework of the project Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI). The project includes facilities in Romania, Hungary and the Czech Republic. The Romanian laboratory studies of photonuclear physics. Hungarian setting conducting experiments with attosecond (1×10-18 seconds) laser light pulses, and the group in the Czech Republic explores the short-pulse secondary sources of radiation and particles.

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Despite the fantastic opportunities to see the destructive beam “live” will not work. It is located inside the sealed chamber, passing through several vacuum tubes with focusing lenses. Even scientists themselves can’t witness the process of “burning”, instead, they get readings from sensors that send data to the computer. In fact, the whole process is blind.

Ученые создали настоящее оружие Звезды Смерти

To see the beam “live” will not work

Researchers can use the laser to study the effects of the explosion of supernovas and how heavy metals are formed in space. As for practical application, such a beam can be useful in the treatment of cancer diseases and also to fight of radioactive waste.

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