Scientists have discovered a revolutionary way of detecting lies. Video

Ученые открыли революционный способ выявления лжи. Видео

Instead of a lie detector you can use a standard imager.

Scientists from the University of Granada found that the temperature of the nose gives the person who tells a lie, reports the with reference on the Facts.

In the experiment group, subjects were asked to deceive their loved ones on the phone. For volunteers was monitored using thermal imaging devices to determine the temperature distribution on the examined surface.

On infrared images it became apparent that if a person tried to cheat, the temperature of the nose decreased by 1.2 degrees, and the forehead has warmed about half a degree.

According to the scientist Emilio Gomez Milan, the temperature drop triggers the excitement that a person feels compelled to speak the truth. In addition, when deception increases mental work that leads to increased forehead temperature.

Milano noted that the results were confirmed in 80% of experiments, making this method ten percent more accurate lie detector.

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